• Tünde Csabai

    assistant brand manager

  • About me


    I consider myself lucky because at such a young age I have relevant experiences and I had the chance to work with great companies and with even greater people.

    I have a good command of event management, creating creative concepts, brand marketing, sponsorship and event management.
    I am passionate and ambitious with 2,5 year FMCG and 1,5 year agency background.

    I have worked on different fields of marketing-communication and I've learned how important is to share my ideas, thoughts or even fears with others, since that's the key to innovation. I am a team player person, I always enjoy able being together with inspiring and enthusiastic


  • Sometimes a story is so good it becomes a truth. And sometimes a truth is so good that it
    is almost too good to be true, and it becomes a story.



    Roust (former Bols Hungary)

    Assistant Brand Manager 

    Feb 2016 – Present

    I currently work as a Brand Assistant at the white spirits & liqueurs portfolio of ROUST Hungary (former BOLS Hungary). I work on two brands, Royal vodka (no.1 spirit brand of Hungary) and the Lucas Bols portfolio with the senior brand manager.

    I took part in the launch of 3 new products in Hungary, which were all 360 degree marketing campaigns, including social, digital and outdoor surfaces. Also, I could work on the very first Royal TVC, which aired 1st Dec 2016, both on tv and on-line.

    The projects I am really proud of:


    - Bols Advocate - Fördős Zé cooperation more then 80 k views (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bet2POoS9bE)

    - Genver 21 product launch in Hungary

    - Bols Around the World bartender competition teasing campaign in Budapest

    - Royal Vodka - festival edition sleeve
    - Genver 21 product launch in Hungary

    Colibri (Youth Direct Communication Kft.)

    Junior Account Manager

    Jul 2014 – Jan 2016

    Colibri (Youth Direct Communication) is a youth marketing focused BTL and Digital agency. Colibri's goal is to bring companies and the younger generation closer through BTL Activities, digital campaigns and social media.


    The projects I am really proud of:


    - project management of the Colibri Internship Awards - Az Év Gyakornoki Progamja ( http://awards.joincolibri.com )

    - producing the video contents of the clients with a creative team

    - organising career meet ups at 4 universities



    The Coca Cola Company - burn energy drink

    Marketing intern

    May 2013 – Jun 2014

    I was an intern next to the Sports Manager. I gained relevant experiences on the field of BTL marketing, sports sponsorship and social media content management. My project management skills also improved a lot, just like my creative thinking. This job taught me how to adapt easily in corporate environment.


    Projects I am proud of:


    - taking part in the co-ordination of burn Yard event at Budapest (check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BjYEgUskrk )

    - taking part in the organisation and co-ordination of burn Paddock Tour (check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HaBVHzM9FY)







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